Thursday, March 17, 2005


Actually matanda na kami para sa That's Entertainment....This Tuesday group na sinasabi ko ay walang iba kundi my very good friends na binigay sakin ni Lord dito sa Malaysia. We meet every Tuesday since July 2004 last year, and eversince I've been looking forward sa aming bible study meetings. Minsan seryoso kami pero most of the time maingay kasi si Juliet hilig mag crack ng jokes (love u Jules) While si Mayan our ever prim and proper mala Jackie Lou Blanco na friend ay super sarap magluto!!! As in!!! bundat na bundat kaming lahat :). Si Alice naman may ever loyal friend is just quiet but you can always rely on her anytime kahit ano DEPENDABLE. Si Sis. Glo (Kung Tawagin ko ay MOTHER OF ALL NATIONS) is like my second Mom here in Malaysia. She's one great Lady and a true servant of God. Well I'm indeed a very lucky Gal kasi I have wonderful friends that I can always rely on.

Toni's Dedication

Christmas 2004

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus, (attributed)French existentialist author & philosopher (1913 - 1960)

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