Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is my daughter Toni, a very funny girl. Eventhough she can't speak fluently. She is so talkative! Here are some words she often say.
  1. fusshy -plastic container
  2. choo choo train
  3. i bab you - i love you
  4. web wose- red rose
  5. fiture- picture
  6. was that? - what's that?
  7. gogless- goggles
  8. titchy- itchy
  9. otey- ok
  10. I'm told - I'm cold...
  11. swinning - swimming
  12. raindow - rainbow
  13. choyate- chocolate


~*Country Dawn*~ said...

Number 13! You go girl! Gotta learn THAT one early! :)

btw, you might want to re-enter your link on the TT site, it has a comma in it instead of a period. I had to correct it to get here, because the link didn't work :)

Hootin'Anni said...

How sweet!!!! [love the one for chocolate...adorable!!!]

Mine's posted, won't you drop by? I'd love for you to come visit with me.

Bloggers said...

That is so sweet! I have a one year old and I cannot wait until he can say I love you. He does give me kisses though. So I guess that is his way of saying it.

my 13 is up on
Working at Home Mom

scooper said...

Aww!!!!! I remember those days. Enjoy them now they grow up fast.

Damozel said...

Oh, my goodness she is so cute.

ONwebCHECK said...

happy TT!

Anonymous said...

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