Monday, August 14, 2006


"Attitude by Bonnie Ann "
We all have those days that start off with anger and upset,
regarding the kids, the spouse or the job, etc., when we really feel...
"out of control" -but we CAN do something about it!

We should know that we
CANNOT change anyone else,
but we CAN change our OWN attitudes or adjust OUR
ways of thinking or behaving!
Not EXPECTING things from others and EASING up on
ourselves, will make for a more peaceful..."YOU!"

We can stay angry,
upset and frustrated...OR choose to take a few deep breaths
and decide to take control of our OWN ATTITUDES and
BEHAVIORS and instead of a frenzied day...
have a more smooth flowing, peaceful day!

YES...this can take some time to
learn...But as they say...practice makes perfect!
Wouldn't it be WORTH IT? - To be able to have control over your reactions
and attitudes, especially if this is the only way for YOU
to find your inner PEACE!
I just realized that to make my life easier I have to change my attitude... If I can't get people to do it my way might as well do it their own way. You may call it Martyr but never mind, as I know my rewards in heaven is much more greater with what people can reward me here on earth.

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