Friday, December 08, 2006


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What I missed in the Philippines is eating a hot pandesal (bread) for breakfast. Here in Malaysia there are a wide range of bread to choose from but for me as a Filipino nothing beats a hot pandesal. Since my Nanny left for a one month vacation. I am forced, no other choice to be tied down in the house. If I have to go out I have to bring my three kids along and that will be very stressful for me. To make my time here in the house more productive ( aside from washing, cleaning,baby-sitting...etc.) I decided to do some baking and of course through the influence of my pretty friend Mayan. At first I embarked to making Banana muffins and my youngest daughter Toni 's reaction was YUCK! which means it is not succesful. Then I made Macaroons, according to my Hubby it taste really good. Then I made chocolate chip cookies and burned it. But you know I believe in the saying " Try and try again!" So finally I decided to make this bread and Praise God it taste really good. I found the recipe thru a filipina in Germany. Her name is Beng and I owe it to her because her blog is really nice.

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amy said...

you made one of my coworkers smile. She is standing behind me and she is from the philliopines