Thursday, July 05, 2007


I was really busy this past few months. My apologies to all the "memes" I've joined.Slowly but surely I am going to update my blog soon. My life has been different since my very good friend left for Australia. I was quite depressed because she' s really one of a kind. But God knows how to comfort me by sending me new set of friends!! I will soon post some of our pictures here in my blog. I just want to say that I miss reading all your blogs and I'll be very active again soon!PROMISE!!!
For now,here is a picture of me and my kids when we went to the beach last May.... See you all again!! God bless

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joycee said...

wow ang laki na ng mga anak ni tito raul! syemps ikaw ang eldest. naks naman... smile. ang linis din ng tubig huh & super enjoy tlaga kayo! God bless!