Monday, July 09, 2007

SUNDAY SEVEN: Seven things to be thankful for

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  1. My sweet family of huggers...
  2. Love letters everyday from Nicole
  3. Friday Tea time - opportunity to meet up with my friends and chat the hours away.
  4. Gym- workouts in the morning makes me feel refreshed...
  5. my better half -he keeps me balanced and warm
  6.  friends - a diverse, supportive, sooper-dooper bunch of friends.
  7. My Saviour- for my life!


Carolyn said...

Ahh... Friends, family and a Savior who loves us. Life couldn't be any better!

elisheva said...

The tea time sounds great. Do you really have tea? That sounds really nice.

I'm finally trying to get back into the habit of completing my Sunday Seven.