Monday, September 03, 2007



This is my first time to write here on Marriage Monday.
And I found this meme to be quite interesting and very informative. Today's topic is about Mentoring. I have this good friend of mine who is a pastor's wife whom I've met when I came here in Malaysia. We started our Ministry with them in the Church. She is the most kindest, sincere and dedicated lady I've known. She was there beside me when I was laboring with my third child and prayed with my husband when I was already delivering. She would always uplift my spirit when I'm down. And will definitely tell me If I've done something wrong and honestly confront me. When there is problem in my marriage. She will encourage me and gives insight on the matter without being bias. She is indeed my mentor, and I do look up to her and praying that someday I can be like her.

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Christine said...

It is such a gift when you have someone who will be honest even in the tough times. It's wonderful that you have that friend! Thanks for posting this week!