Sunday, January 20, 2013

My 2013 wish-to-do list

It may seem late since now is already towards the end of the month. But nevertheless here is my list of things to do for 2013. Hopefully when I check in again in the next year, I hope I have accomplished at least half of it... In no particular order.
  1. Learn to ride a bike - Hey, I'm turning 43 next month, it's never to late to learn something.
  2. Finish a 5 km run.- to start with.
  3. Finish a 10 km run- and dream big in 2014 :-)
  4. Mend broken friendships...- and reconcile with fallen friends :-(
  5. Learn to draw - either in charcoal, pencil drawing or any medium of art!
  6. Finish my Masters!! - It's been 8 years, it's long overdue. Must! Must! finish it!
  7. Save money!!!- I've been so generous with other people that I forgot to save for myself. Hopefully towards the end of this year I can look at my bank account and say HEY! good job!
  8. Travel alone! - doesn't really matter where, I just need a time out for myself.
  9. Be a part of a charity institution- I just want to encourage and support in any way I can.
  10. Write my own book- I'm thinking about more like an inspirational guide for teachers or a sort of Sark ( kind of book. I Love this woman!
So here it is.... let's see how 2013 will end up to be..... an oh! oh! Oh! One last thing, I do hope I have more entries in my blog and write more often. It's more of a therapy for me..Have a nice day everyone!

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