Saturday, January 26, 2013

Parenting Caca's style 101

Being a mom of four kids. I am the blessed few who have wonderful children. I have never stressed myself thinking how to raise my kids in a "proper" way like other parents do. However, the way I do it is, I  trust my guts and see what I feel right at that moment.

I always give my kids time to think about their actions and understand that there are always pros and cons in every situation. In this way, if ever they chose a wrong decision they know that they have to accept what's coming in their way whole heartedly.

I am never an old fashioned mom, so my kids look at me as their friend. But even that they do, they still respect me when I have to say something to them. So the key for my parenting is simple, Respect your child, give them space, let them think and stay calm.

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